Beyond – it’s the name that speaks for itself. With an engine power of 1343kW, it was roaming the Mediterranean islands since year 2000. The ship originated in Valleta, the smallest capital in Europe, an iseland full of rich history and enchanting scenery. Pair of powerful engines will ensure the performance in a highest level, at the same time ensuring your safety and comfort. With and overall length of 24 meters, it’s capacious area can easily accommodate your friends and family. Wide main deck can fit up to 17 guests and it would still leave you the space to mingle all day long! You will also find large living area with fully equipped kitchen and one of the most comfortable cabins each with spare bathroom to make your journey more pleasant.
If you are already enticed to see the yacht for yourself, you will be more than pleased to see the wonderland that lies inside. Yacht was carefully built and designs by of the greatest interior designers in Spain, which combined a nostalgic vintage with a twist of modern era. Led panels, white acrylic surfaces and bright colors will bring you back in disco time and make you want to boogie all night long!

Don’t believe me? See for yourself!